If you are reading this you are either here because you’re thinking about joining RunAsOne or you’re already a part of RunAsOne and you want to devour any content about the group. Both audiences will find value however it is aimed at those on the outside looking in. I was one of those outsiders forever looking at the black, orange, white and even purple RunAsOne branded shirts. They’re bloody everywhere those RunAsOne people. Always smiling. Always running. Bloody Riley and Jacob Cocks are always beating me…That’s how I used to think at least. Now I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid Prepd though, things are different.
The last time the Australian Athletics Championships were held in Adelaide in 1992 none of Isobel Hume, Zoe Toland, Izzi Batt-Doyle or Jacob Cocks were even born. The four of these now late twenty year old’s are pretty fortunate then that for once in their lifetime, at a time that so happens to be in the middle of their athletic careers, the national championships arrived back in Adelaide. Right in front of their RunAsOne friends and family
On fathers day we caught up with father and son duo Tim and Sam Wells to find out what it means to be a running dad at RunAsOne!
Measurability is a concept in life that both attracts and deters people from varying endeavours, careers, or simple hobbies. Measuring ourselves can certainly be confronting, and the results aren’t always what we want to see or hear.

Since it was a small field, I was running on my own for the most part, which I didn’t mind, as the music coming through the Airpods kept me motivated. I started out at 4:50 min/km which slipped out to 56 min/km as I tried to conquer the 28km, 550m elevation uphill component of the marathon. My Strava data would show that I completed kilometre 38 in 5 minutes and 22 seconds. This was the last kilometre I would run.

After the devastating cancellation of the 2021 Gold Coast marathon festival, I was as grateful as anyone to arrive on the Gold Coast 12 months later without injury or illness. The weather was perfect, the work had been done with my RunAsOne team mates, and I was in PB shape! However, my first two attempts at this distance have taught me that it doesn’t care how fast you can run through half way! PB’s in this race are earned in the second half; a far less predictable territory of running than I am used to….

Mother’s Day in 2022 is RunAsOne’s third, and we are so grateful to have even more to celebrate than we did in 2021! Leading by example with their discipline and work ethic, the mums of RunAsOne are the glue that keeps our group together, as well as consistently being the ones to extend a welcoming hand to newcomers. The mums of RunAsOne are determined, selfless, and tough! This year, we caught up with just a few of our mums to hear about life as a runner from their perspective.

Mark mid-February down on your calendars for a PB attempt anywhere in Adelaide! The weather was absolutely perfect over the weekend, and it was great to see many RunAsOne athletes making the most of the opportunities provided! On Saturday night our home city played host to some world class athletics at ASA stadium, before Semaphore Beach provided ideal conditions on Sunday morning for 60 RunAsOne team mates to attempt a personal best time over 5 or 10km. At both events, it was equally pleasing to see the many RunAsOne shirts and caps supporting our representatives from the sidelines!