Yesterday saw Leconfield and Richard Hamilton Wines play host to South Australia’s first Marathon festival weekend for 2021. Close to 40 RunAsOne runners tackled the new course for distances ranging from 13km on Saturday, to the half marathon and full marathon distances contested a day later. The scenic course ran through the famous South Australian wine region between McLaren Vale and Willunga. Despite forced late changes to the course that resulted in some surprisingly challenging sections, the cool conditions paired with the incredible support from volunteers and spectators, resulted in a huge number of personal bests results being achieved over the weekend.

Deep in to the first lap of RunAsOne’s North Adelaide time trial, and the dry air and direct sunlight are already starting to take their toll on most runners. Glancing down the long, dusty straights of the track locally referred to as the “Uni Loop”, spectators are able to catch their first glance of the leaders. Today, sisters Zoe and Meg Toland are leading the female race, and they would go on to finish in that order ahead of the rest of the field! However, it’s not this achievement that harvests the most attention from onlookers, rather the energy with which each kilometer of the five kilometer race is completed. Bouncing along with a smile on their faces, Zoe and Meg Toland are a picture of power! Subsequently, the question is raised: How?

As an ambitious country kid from the Yorke Peninsula, Ryan Haylock sought his way through every school sport opportunity available. He loved the challenge of pushing himself to be better, and he subsequently managed to experience considerable improvement in a range of disciplines. However, it was perhaps the unlikely sport of distance running that ultimately captured Ryan’s imagination.

Ruby started running as a 10-year-old. She credits her dad’s enthusiasm, as well as the support of a school teacher for her initial love for the sport. She competed individually and in relays, before eventually combining her ability to run with her talents for swimming and cycling.

“Runner” was certainly not a word Caleb Sweeting would have used to describe himself for the first twenty years of his life. In fact, sport had never been a priority for the accomplished Digital Producer and talented writer. However, despite many successes in other areas of life, Caleb can’t hold back a smile as he recounts the moment he proudly crossed the finish line of his first half marathon in front of family and friends.

Indoor bike sessions are a great way to maintain running fitness throughout an injury or forced break from running or as a low impact activity to compliment your running training.

Taking in the beauty of the Heysen Trail, Scott Smith couldn’t stop smiling as he approached the 42km aid station of the Ultra Marathon 60km course. It was here, coach Riley Cocks was tasked with changing Scott’s socks, and sending him on his way to negotiate the last 18km of his journey through Kuitpo Forest, to the Rocky Creek finish line!