Tom is an Adelaide-based trail running coach, ultramarathon trail runner and History/Geography teacher. After a childhood filled with Football and other team-based sports, the passion for Football started to wear off, and once Covid-19 put a halt to local sports in 2020, he started running and soon fell in love with it. After several trail runs, Tom hastily signed up for a 50km and a 100km event later in the year, and after some fantastic results after only a few months of running, combined with the loving running community, he was hooked. 

Since then, Tom has raced in several races throughout South Australia and even interstate, and despite some setbacks through injury and nutrition, he aspires to compete in trail events all over the world, as a way of exploring new places and trails. However, despite Tom’s aspirations as a trail runner, he also likes to participate in not just trail events long and short, but on the road and track as well. 

Tom’s favourite run by far is his weekend long run, exploring the amazing trails that the Adelaide hills has to offer, and what better way to explore them than by running, and running with other people. Going on adventures through beautiful places is Tom’s passion and he loves to encourage others to go out and do the same. Tom is excited to share his learnings from his time as a trail and ultra-runner, and his passionate about working with runners of all levels with the goal of achieving their personal best and enjoying themselves in the process.

Race Results

Belair Marathon – 1st 2021

Heysen 105 - 2nd 2020

Heysen 105 – 3rd 2021

Half Marathon – 1:12:38 (unofficial) 2021


UESCA Ultra Running Certification

Bachelor of Teaching/Arts

Cert III Sport & Recreation