Father’s Day 2023

On the first Sunday of September we celebrate our dads here in Australia, and 2023 has given them the greatest gift they could ask for- unseasonably warm weather for the perfect conversation starter. Beating the heat (and maybe a slight hangover) in the earlier hours of the morning, a select few of the RunAsOne dads joined a group of their training partners for a run at Victoria Park in specific preparation for the Melbourne Marathon Festival next month. Among those preparing to achieve their running goals were father and son duo Tim and Sam Wells, who have been joining these group runs since the start of 2023. For Father’s Day, Tim was kind enough to put some time aside to answer a few of our questions about what it means to share this journey with his 10 year old son. 


When and who got you in to running? 

My son, Sam (10 years old), loves running and we joined RAO in 2023 so Sam could do what he loves plus I get to stay fit (and get slightly faster). It also meant I had to join facebook so I could see the posts!

What do you love about running? 

Such a simple, accessible activity that is good for you and those around you. Always being able to improve, no matter what your level.

As a Dad what does running mean to you? 

Being able to spend meaningful time with my son. Running means being able to watch Sam develop his own interests and abilities. 

How special is it to be able to share your running with your Son Sam? 

It's great we have an activity we both enjoy. Unlike other sports, I don't have to stand on the sideline and watch, I can participate too, albeit slightly slower than Sam.

What is it about RunAsOne that suits your running?  

Running as a group is great for motivation.  It's great having structured training sessions, no thought required, just turn up and run.

What are some of the things you like about joining in the RunAsOne community?  

RAO embraces people of all running abilities and ages, you will find your tribe at RAO. RAO are a community, not just a running group. I've loved watching the RAO coaches become Sam's idols, rather than his dad.


We love having Tim and Sam (and mum, Elise!) as training partners, and can’t wait to see what Sam can achieve in the coming years! Tim might have to eventually settle for a word of encouragement as Sam flies past, but we know he’ll be there every step of the way; as many of us sons and daughters have been lucky enough to experience. Cheers dads!