“RunAsOne” represents our culture. A running centric organisation of like minded people who enjoy working and running together to create a better experience for our fellow RunAsOne members and the community. We combine deep, authentic running expertise, knowledge of athletics and fitness, and decades of personal experience to offer un-matched running related services to our clients.

We coach, we consult, we provide, and we do that at the highest level to all of our members and clients regardless of ability, history or background - we all RunAsOne.

Our coaches have competed at the highest levels of the sport, and we run every day, it's in our blood. We are passionate about helping others to enjoy running as much as we do, and to gain all the health and mental benefits that flow from a more active lifestyle and a higher level of mobility. If you want to enjoy exercise more, do it as part of a welcoming group, it will make all the difference.

Our service extends beyond individual coaching to organisational consulting, community engagement, and event organisation. RunAsOne are a collective authority in the world of running.


RunAsOne coaching team are runners for life, and as much as they love chasing their own goals as runners, they are passionate about sharing their love of running to help others reach their own goals no matter what level that is.

“RunAsOne” represents the idea that we all run together and are running for something greater than ourselves. We do not just run for fitness, PB’s or finishers medals, we run for community, connection, and for a body and mind that is unified.

We believe that a well structured program is vital, but RunAsOne is about much more than just following a program. RunAsOne is about sharing the journey with supportive coaches, joining a community of like-minded people, striving for personal improvement, and having fun along the way!


Founders Riley and Izzi have both been runners since their younger years. With Izzi on an athletic scholarship in America, and Riley studying physiotherapy in Adelaide, their paths crossed once again at the 2017 World University Games in Taiwan. Having both overcome injury setbacks, it was a shared passion and persistence with running that brought them together.

At the start of 2020, when COVID halted their planned international travel and competitions, it was perfect timing that Riley’s boss would approach him for advice on training. With a small group of close friends and family, they had found new motivation and purpose for their own running, and enjoyment through helping others achieve their running goals.

With ever-growing interest and new faces, Izzi and Riley decided to start RunAsOne coaching and offer their combined experience and wealth of knowledge to the wider running community. The pair credit the feedback and support of existing members of the group for helping foster this idea.

As the RunAsOne community grew, Riley’s older brother Jacob was brought on board as a Coach. Jacob, a well established elite distance runner himself, recreational running coach, and secondary school teacher, adds valuable running and coaching experience to the group. In 2021 with Izzi venturing overseas in her quest for Olympic Qualification, a new member was added to the team, Dylan Trenerry. An age group triathlete and ironman himself, Dylan brings a different perspective to the coaching group, and a whole new level of hype and energy to the early morning sessions! As the versatility of the runners in the group grew, Trail Running experts Tom Elfenbien and Damian Espinase were brought into the coaching group to focus on the trail and ultra-running side.