A Cheers to our mums

May means Mother’s Day, so cheers to all the running mums who all play such a pivotal role in creating and maintaining such a caring, supportive, and motivating community at RunAsOne!

Firstly, I want to preface this short blog by mentioning that I feel a little under qualified to write about the dedication (and time management!!) that goes in to being a running mum. However, here’s an observation that I hope serves as a small tribute to their many incredible feats:

I just don’t think mums give a sh*t what you think! And I mean this in a positive way. Their intrinsic motivation, and willingness to push their body to the limit at every opportunity is nothing short of inspiring. Some days that’s fast, some days that’s slow. Every day, it’s with a smile on their face, and with a unique level of gratitude to just get the opportunity to run! As coaches, we are quite transparent with our beliefs that our group is our greatest strength. However, I think we can be even more specific and say that the confidence we have to tell someone to “just come out and give it a go,” stems largely from our confidence in the initiative of our mums to make every new person feel welcome, and the ability of our mums to empower these new runners to believe in themselves!

Happy Mother’s Day, and may you celebrate with a successful Long Run today!