GC Marathon FESTIVAL '22

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The Gold Coast Marathon is Australia's most pre-eminent running festival incorporating 42.2k, 21.1, and 10k distances across 2 days on 2nd & 3rd of July 2022. Widely regarded as the fastest marathon course in Australia, the IAAF Gold Label event is run along the flat coastline of the GC broadwater to Burleigh heads and back. Attracting around 30,000 entrants across all distances, this event is one of the biggest in the country.

The Gold Coast Marathon weekend is a regular fixture on the annual calendar for many Adelaide runners as it offers a chance to escape the dreary July weather for a long weekend in the perfect Queensland climate. This goal event provides great motivation for training throughout the first half of the year, particularly for those with big workloads building up to a half or full marathon.

RunAsOne wanted to do something special for the event, so we have put together a “Journey to the Gold Coast Marathon 2022” package for members to make the most of this weekend in July and hopefully have a whole bunch of fun on the way - because, as they say, the journey is as important as the destination.

In designing the inclusions for this package, we have considered the elements necessary for an enjoyable and successful race weekend, and addressed these in the various components. As athletes, your RAO coaches have competed in this event numerous times in either the Marathon, Half Marathon or 10k, and have experience on what works and what doesn't. So if you’ve not been to the Gold Coast Marathon before, or are an experienced campaigner, you’ll recognise the value here.

Package Inclusions:

Personalised Training Program - 5 Months RAO Fees

A tailored training program is vital in making sure you reach the start line in the best possible condition. Racing a Marathon or Half Marathon well requires months of preparation, a huge investment of your time and energy, so you want to make sure you are on the right path. Your coaches balance your overall training load with injury risks to design a program that prepares your body to go the distance.

We have included 5 months of your RunAsOne training program fees, to carry you through to the event and the recovery period that follows. Value $412.50

Lead-up Races

In the build-up to the goal race, it's important to check your progress and gain some experience under race conditions, where you can go through the motions that replicate race day. We’ve included the cost of 2 lead up race entries for specifically chosen 10k and a Half Marathon events. The timing of these races has been selected to fit optimally with preparation and training for the Gold Coast, so you can gauge your fitness, work on pacing and get used to those race day nerves.
Value $150

Supported Long Run Training

To prepare your body for long distance races your training should incorporate long runs that replicate race feel, where you run with fatigue at paces similar to race effort. You’ll need to practice nutrition, taking on water and carbohydrates to train your stomach and to see what works - or what doesn't work for you. These runs are also a good chance to practice race shoes and apparel so there are no surprises on race day. We’ve included 2 special supported long runs with replica drinks tables and your program designed to simulate a race effort. These runs are tough, but you’ll be grateful for the practice on race day. Value $100

Information Nights

Most experienced marathoners will tell you, you have no-idea what's coming until you experience it for yourself, and most of us learn the hard way. To give you a fighting chance we’re organising 2 information events for our Journey to the Gold Coast 2022 team, to pass on as many tips and tricks as we can, so you can be as well prepared as possible for the big race. Approach to training, nutrition and hydration, shoes and apparel choices, race day strategy and more, we’ll have the benefit of hearing from some expert guest speakers and the experience of our own coaches, to give you the best possible chance of success. There’ll even be some catering included. Value $160

Special Race Singlet

Surely we deserve a special exclusive race singlet for the big event. One that's super light and breathable. One that makes our RunAsOne team standout on the Gold Coast. We’ve included it. It’ll be a good one. Value $75

ASICS Shoe Discount

Shoes are important, we know that. We need the right shoes for training and different shoes for racing. As a special one off ASICS, a major partner of the GC marathon will provide a discount to our GC Marathon group for the purchase of shoes. This offer will only be available to group members. Value >$100

Coach Phone Consultation

We will arrange a time to go through your training and race preparation one on one with your coach over the phone. We know it’s not always the best time to speak to us about individual issues at our regular training sessions, so we’ve allowed time to speak with each of you one on one when you need it. Value = priceless

Race Weekend Assistance

We’ll help with advice on accommodation location, travel times and logistics and a pre-race briefing, where we can go through final preparation for the race. Sometimes as runners we can over analyse things and make silly decisions at the last minute. Hopefully we can avoid that, and make sure you are relaxed for the morning. Once the racing is done, it's time to celebrate! We’ll arrange a post race meet-up on Sunday afternoon, where we can all relax with a drink, refuel and talk about that time you conquered the Gold Coast Marathon - boom! Value = good.

We want our RunAsOne team to shine on the Gold Coast, and we want the package to be accessible to everyone, so we’ve done everything we can to keep the cost as low as possible.

COST = $799

Please register your interest as soon as possible via the following survey link https://forms.office.com/r/kscp88zX4u so we can include you in future communication. See you there!